Purchase of Eye4Vision's cataract surgery kits or ophthalmic equipment is proven to be a very cost-effective
solution for Eye Care Foundations, for supply of high quality ophthalmic devices and equipment to their projects
Eye4Vision Int'l.
Benefits Kit
The price and quality of the products in the cataract kit is unsurpassed.
Cost-effective solution, quality devices, time saving when shipped from one supplier.


SICS eye surgery kit  

ECCE eye surgery kit

Choice of content, many options are available
The content can be adjusted by the cataract surgeon, many options are available.
One of the many advantages we offer, cataract surgeons can compose their own kit.
Below a snapshot of available options:
- Syringes
- Gillette / blade
- Eye sponges
- Eye shields
- Eye pads
The Kit, for Who?
Eye4Vision cost-effective cataract surgery kit is developed for use in hospitals, eye clinics, flying doctors,
for supply to community eye surgery projects, and is supplied with selected quality devices,
which devices are worldwide used for ophthalmic surgery.
Cost-effective solution for eye surgery
Low-cost cataract surgery
Cost-effective kit
For who?

Cost-effective cataract surgery kit

The basic kit is a one box unit containing ophthalmic devices needed to perform cataract surgery.
Content can be adjusted, optional choice of products and optional for 2 or more cataract surgeries.
PMMA Intraocular lens
Viscoelastic solution
Sutures ( Germany )
Eye drops
Eye shields
Eye drapes
- Posterior and anterior chamber iol or Iris Claw lens at request
- HPMC or Sodium Hyaluronate HA / NaHA
- Nylon, Braided Silk , Polypropylene or PGA
- Pre, intra and post-operative eye drops
- Transparent eye shields
- Ophthalmic incision drapes 90*90cm, other size available at request.
Foldable Intraocular lens
Viscoelastic solutions

Set of 4 blades
Eye drops
Eye shield
Eye drape
SICS surgery
- Foldable acrylic lens / PMMA lens
- HPMC2.0%, or Sodium Hyaluronate
- Standard set SICS blades ( single use )
- Pre, Intra and Post-operative eye drops
- Transparent eye shields
- Eye drape w / wo collection bags
ECCE surgery
- PMMA lens PC / AC / Iris Claw lens
- Foldable lens
- Eye drapes / Cover drapes / Gowns
- HPMC2.0% / Sodium Hyaluronate HA - NaHA
- PGA, Nylon or Silk sutures
- Antibiotica
- Carbachol 0.01%
- Pantocaine 2%
- Tropicamide 1%
- Eye ointments
Selected quality ophthalmic devices for cataract surgery
Purchased from one supplier saves you valuable time
Multiple options available of selected ophthalmic devices
Content can be customized or adjusted by the surgeon at request
Less freight charges
The most cost-effective solution for low budget cataract eye surgery with quality devices
To inquire about the ECCE, SICS kit or Ophthalmic Equipment for low-cost cataract surgery,
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