cataract surgery
An initiative by Maluku Government and Health Department in corporation with Dutch Foundations SLAH and SSVA.
The SLAH Foundation started Free Cataract Projects in Sumatera - Indonesia back in 1989 and nowadays organizes
Free Cataract projects in Sumatera, Sulawesi and joined SSVA in 2009 to participate in the Ambon Free Cataract Program.
SSVA Foundation started it's Free Cataract project in 2007, as one of the many Projects they organize at Ambon island.
The eye care projects are visited twice a year by Dutch ophthalmologists. Yearly 1,200 Free cataract surgeries and
additional eye care treatment is provided, with the ultimate goal in mind to build and open a regional eye center to be
supervised by Indonesian ophthalmologists and staff and making eye care available for people in the region.
Sooner than anyone expected,
List of equipment - Total amount for purchase - 550,000€ -Support & Donate
Eye care for the Moluccan Archipelago
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Ambon Eye Center
Donate and make Eye care available in The Moluccas - South East Indonesia
The Moluccas, Maluku Islands or Ambon,
located in South East Indonesia is an
archipelago of a total of thousand islands.
It has a population of two million inhabitants.
Total area is 74,505 Km ( 28,766.5 sq. Miles )
with North Maluku province in the North and
Maluku province in the South ( South Maluku ).
The 'Ambon Eye Center' Initiative
- Refraction Stand and Chair
- Phoroptor Sight Tester
- Slit Lamp Incl. electric table and Applanation Tonometer
- Auto Chart Projector
- Corrected Curve Trial Lens Set
- Universal Trial Frame
- Headband Magnifier
- Minor Surgery Set
- Direct Ophthalmoscope
- Indirect Ophthalmoscope incl. diagnostic lenses
- Non Contact Tonometer
- Auto Refractor/keratometer incl.electric table
- Auto Lensometer
- Perimeter incl. electric table, pc and color printer
- Fundus Camera incl. software, electric table and printer
- YAG and Photo coagulation Laser incl. contact lens, table and google
- A/B Scan incl. laptop and printer
- Operation Table
- Phacoemulsification System
- Cataract + IOL Instrument Sets
- Ophthalmic XY microscope incl. complete HD video system
- Cassette Steam Sterilizer
Only seven Indonesian ophthalmologists are
available for the total population of this region,
one located in Ambon Kota ( South Maluku )
one at Ceram and two in North Maluku.
A modern eye center is a must for the region
to provide necessary Eye care where needed.
Available Eye care
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July 2012 - The Start of building the 'Ambon Eye Center'
Building and construction costs for the Ambon Eye Center is financed by Indonesian Government, building license
has been received in March 2012. In July the building contractor has started to make the building site ready to built.
The building is almost ready and official opening of the Ambon Eye Center is scheduled for November 2013,
if weather conditions ( rainy season ) will be working in favor.
Funding Equipment

Purchase of Ophthalmic Equipment - Total 550,000€
Funding and purchase of all ophthalmic equipment will be
arranged by the Dutch Foundations SLAH and SSVA, however the
fast approved financial support by Indonesian Government to built
the Ambon Eye Clinic brought up another issue. How and from
where to raise €550,000 to purchase ophthalmic equipment within 5 months?
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