optional accessories
The precision optical system provides a high resolution image
for easier diagnosis and patient management.
SO-2700 LED
SO-2700 LED BIO - Specifications
Eye4Vision Int'l.
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes


SO-2700 Features

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy - SO-2700 BIO Head Mount and Rechargeable

headband BIO SO-2700
so-2700 carry case
The SO-2700 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes provide state of the art image quality in an instrument
that is comfortable to wear for long periods with a LED lamp designed to last the life of the instrument.
The very small package makes the SO-2700 particularly convenient for use in different locations,
including domiciliary and field use.
SO-2700 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes are portable and supplied in a tough
moulded carry case, making it convenient to take to different locations such as between
office and operating room, on field trips or on domiciliary visits.
SO-2211  : Teaching Mirror
SO-2212  : Red Free Filter
SO-2213  : Cobalt Blue Filter
SO-2215  : Warm White Filter
SO-2220  : 20D Hand Lens
SO-2228  : 28D Hand Lens

SO-2207  : Mains Power Adapter
SO-2217  : Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
The lighting system is designed for high Fundus brightness,
and good color rendition.
Depth perception of Fundus vessels and pathology is essential for accurate diagnosis and management.
SO-2700 optical design and high quality precision optical components offer a high resolution,
undistorted view of the Fundus in three dimensions.
Restore Sight
SO-2700 BIO ophthalmoscopes are supplied and set at a PD of 62.5mm,
but can be supplied to suit the examiner's personal refractive error correction
and PD requirement for maximum visual acuity of the Fundus image
and surrounding environment.
Comfort The very low weight means the instrument is comfortable to wear for long periods.
The head mount has adjustable straps, which can be easily fitted to most wearers,
and allow the height of the instrument to be set to the line of the sight.
The optical assembly is adjustable horizontally, vertically and rotationally,
to allow wearer to optimize the instruments position.
The wide field of view allows the wearer to be easily oriented in the
examination room.
Relaxed convergence and reduced accommodation demands give easy binocular
fusion and visual comfort.
The lamp house is designed for low heat radiation towards the examiner.
Optional Accessories
The small, high capacity battery pack can be carried in a pocket, on a belt or
clipped to a coat without distracting the wearer.
SO-2700 is sealed from dust, is Maintenance Free and comes with
a one year warranty.
- PD Range
- Accommodation Lens
- Lamp Type
- Lamp rated life
- Lamp Color Temp.
- Weight
: Pre adjusted to suit examiner
: + 1.50D
: 1W LED, 81lm/W
: Instrument Life
: 3000K
: 225g
SO-2217 Battery Unit
- Battery Type
- Output
- Working Time
- Charging Input
- Charging Output
- Charging Time
- Weight
: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 920mAh
: 7V / 350mA
: Working Time 1.45hrs
: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
: DC 13.8V / 1.0A
: 1.5hrs
: 130g
Complete instrument
in carry case.
33.0 * 28.0 * 12.0cm