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color wheel test - central vision screen
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This easy to perform test should take less than two minutes to complete and will establish
if a color deficiency exists. It has always been difficult to categorize color deficiencies.
One was always told you are 'Red / Green color blind', and that was it.
Interactive Color Vision Test - Central Vision Screen
Test Instructions
The Color wheel is easy to perform and within about two minutes and for the first time enables
patients to understand and share their Color Vision results with others.
Click 'AUX' at the Top Categorie Main Menubar, Click 'Color' at Sub-Menubar
and Click the Color Wheel icon at the Sub-Menubar

Read through the patient instructions to familiarize the patient with what is expected
Note: This screen can be seen even if the patient has a color deficiency

Further patient instructions can be given as follows:

With reference to a Clock, can you indicate which number represents the colored block that is
the 'Odd One out', or which one is different to all the others.

The screen will be displayed for 3 seconds only, then a screen will
be displayed which will need a patient response whereby they will
'Click' on the tab that was the 'Odd One out'.

If the patient was not able to see any tab that was different to the others,
then they are encouraged to select the 'Not Sure' button. Based on
their input the program will identify the color deficiency if present.

Click the 'Click to Start' button to begin

Each colored slide is displayed for 3 seconds during, which time the patient should identify the Odd One out.
The 'Restart' button is located on the top auto-hide toolbar and should be pressed to Restart the test should
the patient enter incorrectly as erroneous inputs may affect test reliability

After three seconds the patient response screen will appear and the selection of the 'Odd One out' is
made by clicking the respective tab. Should the patient be unsure then they would select 'NOT SURE'.>
Note: The tab will highlight White to indicate the patient selection.

After all of the 18 slides are completed, an automated report will be generated based on the inputs received.
The 'Simulation' button on the top menu enables demonstration of various color vision deficiencies
and how affected individuals would perceive a particular colored picture.
This easy to perform test should take
less than 2 minutes to complete and
will establish if a color deficiency exists.

The wheel pattern will be displayed for
two seconds and you shall be required
to identify the Odd One out Color.

Using the mouse you shall be required
to Click the Tab that has perceived as
the most different or the 'Odd One out'.

Should you be unable to perceive the
Odd One out, simply click 'NOT SURE'.

To begin
'Click to Start'
Previous Color Vision tests did not allow for partial color deficiencies or an easy way of
classifying the Protanope, Deuteranope or Tritanope.
Explaining a reduced sensitivity to colors, with supporting pictures to illustrate conditions
like Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly or Tritanomaly to patients is now possible.
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patient cv test results
Detection of:
CV Test
Shades of
Reduced Green
Green & Red

All Green
Shades of
Reduced Red
Red & Green

All Red
Shades of
Blue & Yellow
Reduced Green
Blue & Yellow

All Blue
Any Color

All Color
Difficulty seeing:
Affected receptors:
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