hand-held slit lamp series
KJ5S3 & KJ5S3-1 are the KJ5S1 & KJ5S2 Slit lamps,
but with the Nikon CoolPix S2600 added, for bright, clear and sharp
digital images or Video recording of the slit image for evaluation
Same Specifications as KJ5S1 & KJ5S2
Cold, White Led illumination ( 15,000 Lux )
Nikon CoolPix S2600 - 14Mp, for Digital imaging or Video recording
Supplied in a handy lightweight carry case
KJ5S3 - Go Digital
Eye4Vision Int'l.


Portable Slit Lamps

Portable hand-held slit lamps




Range of Portable hand held Slit Lamp microscopes, Digital Series, Head Module and accessories
Type: LYL-S, KJ5S1 / SO-801 / HSL-2
Digital: KJ5S3 / KJ5S3-1
Module: SO-850 Slit Lamp Head for Welch Allyn / Heine TL 3.5V Handles

KJ5S3 Digital Slit Lamp with Nikon CoolPix S2600

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LYL-S Portable Slit lamp

SO-801 - Portable Slit Lamp

● Dimensions
● Gross Weight
affordable lyl-s slit lamp

Range of slit length
Minimum slit width
Working distance
Power supply
Battery life
: 5X
: 5mm - 11mm ( continuous )
: 0.2mm
: 12 - 32mm
: Two AAA Alkaline batteries
: Led bulb ( 3.3V / 1W, 20,000 hrs )
: 3 hours at two AA batteries
: 150g ( without batteries )

so-801 and so-805 module for welch allyn and Heine 3.5v systems
SO-801 is a hand-held portable slit lamp which allows high resolution
examination of the corneal surfaces, the corneal stroma and anterior chamber.
It has slit, rectangle and disc aperture for all examination requirements.
The viewing eyepiece has three optical elements for high resolution
Selectable Red Free & Cobalt Blue filter
Powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery
SO-801 comes with a two year parts and repairs warranty.
SO-801 Portable hand-held Slit lamp
KJ5S1 / S2
The HSL-2 Ultra-portable slit lamp model is an excellent diagnostic instrument for examination of
anterior segment structures and ocular abnormalities.
Easy to use and producing a bright, continuously adjustable slit image. The blade imaging system
of the HSL-2 gives equally sharp slit images as the best classic slit lamp in the world.
LED illumination for clear images without glare, the LED lamp is rated 20,000 hours at full power.
The attached 20-D loupe provides 5x magnification and a large field of view.
HSL-2 works three hours without changing the two standard AA Alkaline batteries.
HSL-2, Lightweight and Cost-effective

SO-850 - Slit Lamp Head Module

SO-850 Slit Lamp Head Module is a portable slit lamp compatible
with Welch Allyn and Heine TL 3.5V battery handles.
Suitable for high-resolution examination of corneal surfaces,
corneal stroma and the anterior chamber.
Left / right selectable eyepiece
Selectable Cobalt Blue Filter
A perfect addition to any Welch Allyn diagnostic set
SO-850 Slit lamp Module
KJ5S1 / S2 Series
Restore Sight

Excellent optical system with high quality optical lenses which provide
bright and sharp slit images of the patient's eye
All lenses with anti-reflection, moisture-proof and mildew-proof coating
Eyepieces: 10X & 16X, PD Range 45/48-70mm
4 Light spot diameters: Ø1.0, Ø3.0, Ø5.0, Ø10.0mm
Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack ( 2x )
LYL-S is supplied in a lightweight aluminium carry case
LYL-S Specifications

hand-held slit lamp - kj5s series
High quality hand-held slit lamp
High quality optical lenses with anti-reflection, moisture-proof and
mildew-proof coating providing bright and clear slit images
Eyepieces: 10X, PD Range 45 - 70mm, 16X, PD Range 48-70mm
KJ5SI - 4 Light spots, KJ5S2 - Continuously adjustable Light spot - 10mm
Filters: Heat absorption, Grey, Red free and Cobalt Blue
Portable type, easy to carry, weight is only 750g ( incl. battery )
KJ5S1-S2 Specifications

: 26.0 * 16.0 * 16.0cm
: 0.5Kg