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vision acuity tests
VA Visual Acuity
LogMAR, ETDRS, Snellen, 3 Line, Row, Column, Single view all with 8 Optotypes,
Overlay Duochrome Masks and Random function to stop patient recall.
● Sloan Letters           ( 'WIDE' 5*5 ), S - O - C - D - K - V - R - H - N - Z
● BS 4274 Letters ( NARROW 5*4), D - E - F - H - N - P - R - U - V - Z
At a Glance
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Digital Visual Acuity Chart Screening Software
Low Vision testing ►
Visual Acuity measuring up to 20/2000 in 8 Optotypes with
randomization ensures that your results are accurate and
perfectly scaled to patient's viewing distance.
◄ Duochrome Balancing
Packed with the traditional Duochrome Balancing tests to the latest in digital standards,
Duochrome Balancing is quicker and simpler than ever before.
Astigmatism tests at a Glance ►
Traditional Astigmatism JCC tests combined with various options to
assist in poorer BVA's. The Reverse Parabola ( w / wo lines) Test is a
quick and easy tounderstand method of determining
Cyl. Axis and Power, saving time for you and patient and most useful in
high Cylinders and Kerataconic patients.
► Foveal Grid Assessment
Foveal grid assessment is important to eye health and early
ocular disease detection and management. Unlike the  traditional
Amsler Grid, measuring the central 14 degrees, which is recorded
on a block not bigger than the size of a postcard, our foveal grid
allows the examiner to manage the central three degrees.
This ensures a more accurate method of evaluating parafoveal
changes and superior record keeping.
► Hess E.O.M. Test  
The HESS test allows accurate measurement of extra ocular muscle
function in the nine positions of gaze, with potential deviations
calibrated to viewing distance in prism diopters.
These nine fields of gaze test the following extra ocular muscles:
Inferior, Superior, Lateral & Medial Rectus muscles and  superior and
inferior Oblique muscles. This test can be used to assist practitioners
in establishing the etiology  of patient Asthenopia, over overlooking in
the presence of good visual acuity.  More Info....
◄ Aniseikonia testing
This new patent pending test gives the practitioner to now quantify the effect Anisometropia
has on Binocularity before prescribing the final Rx. More Info....
◄ Color Wheel
The Color Wheel, another World's First in Digital Eye care software, categorizes and monitor
color vision defects and simulate to family members what the color deficient patient is seeing.
More Info....
Stereo Acuity ►
The BV test pack include Gross Stereopsis and Stereo Acuity Threshold
tests. 3D movies and screens are so popular today and these tests are
a great way to bring patients to your business
to measure that 3D ability.
◄ Contrast Sensitivity testing
Choose from a Contrast Sensitivity screener or do the more in depth CS analysis
with eight Optotypes to choose from with randomization.
A great way to motivate regular visits for early Vision loss and Eye disease detection.
◄ RG8 Binocular Vision test
What makes the RG8 Test great is that it gives the examiner so much insight into the patient's
binocular system with a simple, one word response from the patient!
There are 20 Binocular Vision tests to choose from and clinical tutorial videos to assist,
it couldn't be easier. More Info....

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