It is your complete solution to a comprehensive eye examination delivering a wide variety of
innovative tests to your patients. Through our philosophy of constantly modernising and upgrading,
we will ensure that  you are always equipped with the latest tools necessary to achieve the
highest possible standards in the industry.
A LCD monitor is placed in front of the patient  ( or wall  )
The Software automatically calibrates based on your testing distance,
making wheel-chair tests easily accommodated.
The easy to use interface allows access to any screen, anytime, at your fingertips.
Test sequences are setup to suit occupational standards or examiner requirements  
e.g. pilots, fork-lift drivers, kids, BV, etc.
The intelligent design allows each user a profile customized to them, ideal for locums.


Most comprehensive Digital Optometry Screening Software System for:
- Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians
Designed and developed by Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and IT Professionals
Reduces Refraction time
Always Up to Date with the latest tests ( Online Auto Update )
Easy to use Interface, which saving time
Include EyeMail. Inform your clients about their Vision Tests, yearly Vision Check  etc.
Include Wheelchair Mode
Include Mirror Function
Include Lens Order Module    ( Or integrate your own Lens Order in the Software  )
Include Contact Lens Module ( Or integrate your own Lens Order in the Software  )
Include Information about various eye diseases and much more
Include 'Clarity' Dispensing Tool and show your patient/client about
available Lenses and Coatings and their Pro and Contra's
The Economically Priced Year License incl. Online Automatic Updates, Customer Care,
24h Call Line, Online Training by Optometrists, Tutorials and much more.
Eye4Vision Int'l.
Replaces the still popular outdated Auto Chart projector and expensive Digital Phoropter
Reduces Refraction time.
Packages almost all Optometric Charts & Tests.
Includes many Optotypes with unlimited Chart variations.
Used at any viewing distance to match your consulting room.
Works in well-lit rooms.
Can be installed on portable laptops for off-site testing.
Informs and educates patients.
Speaks to patients in their own language.
A recent study conducted showed that Digital Eye Care Software compared to older technologies will:
Digital Visual Acuity Chart Screening Software
The Most Comprehensive & Accurate Digital Optometric Eye testing solution.
What does the Digital Eye Care Software do for you?
How do you use it?
How will it benefit for you?
Nothing available in the same price range will grow your practice
as much as the Digital Eye Care Software
Now available at Introduction Price - User License for One Year ( 365 days )
Purchase the User License Key before 01 September 2017 and Upgrade your Practice at minimal costs
into a 'State of the Art', and always Up to Date examination room.
What is included:
Wireless Remote Control & Receiver
Wireless Combo - Keyboard & Mouse
LCD Monitors ( LED HD / LED / TN / IPS ), from 20" up to 32"
Complete Systems: Desktop PC / Laptop / AIO with the Digital Eye Care software installed with
OS Windows: VISTA / 7 / 8.1 & 10 ( recommended ), or
Mac OS X & El Capitan with II Parallels© Desktop 11, Windows 10
The License Key to use the Full Version Digital Eye Care Software v6 for 365 days.
All Software, Test and Tool Updates
EyeMail Tool
New InnovativeTests & Tutorials
Online Live Help & 24H Call Center
Increase turnover
Increase profitability, informed patients spend more
Decrease comebacks
Increase positive perception
Increased patient loyalty

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Digital Optometry Software - Save Time