AFSx™ Advanced Folding System
State of the Art Holder & Folder for use by surgeons who prefer to insert the foldable intraocular lens
into the capsular bag rather than use a lens
injector and cartridge.
Folding system lenses


We wanted a device that kept the foldable intraocular lens held in the holder position of the device and
then fold the lens easily and precisely, allowing the surgeon to grasp the lens with the
inserting forceps.

Eye4Vision Int'l.
made in usa
Holder / Folder

Folding System
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Taken in account any possibility of contamination from device onto the foldable intraocular lens.
The company has implanted one million foldable intraocular lenses without a single recall or adverse
reaction and maintaining herewith the companies perfect record, a claim that no other intraocular lens
manufacturer has been able to achieve.
Design and development
What happened in the past is that the surgeon didn't want to fish the foldable intraocular lens from a
vial, jar or capsule. They want to save time and retrieve the foldable iol quickly.
The design took several months to develop the folder to perfectionism and the result is
a superb holder / folder flower mechanism to fold the lens smooth and efficient.
How it works
How it works
Built from a proprietary polymer, thoroughly tested and validated for safety and purity, this holder folder
design appears to be the target other companies will have strive to match.

how it works
'AFS' device is removed
from the vial. The AFS
system is then grasped by
the surgeon with either left
or right hand putting the
thumb and forefinger on the
fingertip positions built into
the plastic.
The 'AFSx™' System in
the custom vial.
Once removed from the
sterile pouch the cap is
removed and discarded.
Cap is removed
from the vial.
The surgeon removes
the device from the vial
leaving the silicone
gasket on the vial or
removing it completely.
The flower is rotated allowing the folder
to fold the lens correctly.
The other hand is then placed on the
flower end of the folding mechanism
and rotated in a clockwise CW rotation
Turning raises the
thrust bar. The folding
mechanism presses on
the underside of the lens
and folds it into the correct
position for grasping with
inserting forceps.
Lower the trust bar and the
lens is ready to be inserted.
GraspIng the lens
firmly on either side
The lens can be inserted in
the capsular bag under
normal implant procedures