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Healio - Ocular Surgery News
A comprehensive source for Eye care information
Ocular Surgery News OSN | Find ophthalmology news articles, videos, blogs and Healio's
robust listing of national and international medical meetings.
U.S. National Eye Institute
This online resource guide provides information about various eye diseases and disorders
It answers questions about causes and symptoms, and discusses diagnosis and types of treatment.
VISION2020 'The Right to Sight' ( WHO )
'The Right to Sight' Program is a global initiative of the World Health Organization and the
International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
International Agency for Prevention of Blindness ( IAPB )
VISION 2020, a joint program of I.A.P.B and WHO, is a global initiative to
eliminate avoidable blindness before year 2020.
Helen Keller International  ( HKI )
HKI provides expertise, training, and technical assistance to establish nutrition and eye health
programs in partnership with host countries
Eye Care Source
Information on eye care, vision correction, eye diseases and education.
The Glaucoma Foundation 
Glaucoma is caused by a number of different eye diseases which in most cases produce increased
pressure within the eye. Information about glaucoma.
American Academy of Ophthalmology
Providing authoritative information about eye care for the public and members.
Atlas of Ophthalmology
The Atlas of Ophthalmology is a public online database, free of charge, edited by specialists in the field.
Ophthalmic Hyperguide
Ophthalmology - Guide for ophthalmic professionals
Information about glaucoma
Cataract and IOL
Informative site at the web for public and health care professionals
Author - Dr. Sanjay Dhawan
Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Devices
Medrounds Publications
Characteristics of cohesive and dispersive viscoelastic devices
Author - Dr.Oetting MD, associate professor of clinical ophthalmology at the University of Iowa
Sutures and needles
All you would like to know about sutures and needles.
Material, structure, characteristics of needles.
Facts About Cataract
National Eye Institute U.S.
Information about cataracts, cataract surgery, prevention, causes,
examination and treatment
Nederlands Oogheelkundig Gezelschap
Dutch association of ophthalmologists
Eye Diseases and Conditions
Detailed information about eye diseases and conditions.
The Lasik Surgeon Directory
Information about Glaucoma and excellent links to informative websites
A new innovation in sight for glaucoma patients. This new treatment for glaucoma gives many people hope
of saving the vision they have and a chance to keep from going blind.
Links to information about ophthalmic surgery and eye care

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