Medic provide medical equipment, information and distribution services to people
in need in economically underdeveloped areas, irrespective of race, religion or creed.
Medic Foundation


Stichting Medic, the Foundation exists thanks to the enthusiastic co-operation of nearly 85 non-payed volunteers.
They have different backgrounds: medical specialists, nurses, hospital technicians, financial-, hospital- and
technical managers, engineers, secretaries and general workers.
Give equipment a 2nd Life
Give medical equipment
a 2nd life
in the 3rd world
Eye4Vision Int'l.

Experience has shown that there is a clear demand for knowledge transfer from experienced experts.
MEDIC - Medical Equipment Distribution Information Centre
In the warehouses of Medic everything that may be useful to our clients ( with the exception of medicines )
may be found: hospital inventory, medical instruments, OR equipment, bandages and suture material,
syringes and needles, uniforms, bed- and OR linen, blankets, wheelchairs, equipment for revalidation etc.
Medic collects and repairs materials useful to health projects sponsored by relief organizations or private persons.
Information Centre
The MIC collects all kind of information that is useful for our clients : funds which are prepared to support
specific projects financially, names and addresses of suppliers of products and equipment which Medic cannot
supply, names and addresses of suitable shipping companies, transportation companies, forwarding agents
and cheap airfreight possibilities
As far as possible Medic will comply with requests for assistance, by sending medical experts
who are prepared to exchange their knowledge and experience for a couple of weeks in order
to improve the local situation.
The Medic Consultant always works under the responsibility of the counterpart. Medic will pay for the traveling
expenses; the local party will take care of board and lodging and local transportation.
It is emphasized that the accent is on the exchange of knowledge.
To achieve this, contacts are maintained with Dutch and native workers in many places in Africa,
Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central- and South America.
Examples of our own products are: operating table, operating lamp, delivery bed.
Careful consideration is given to the appropriate usage of the goods
Approximately 200 projects are performed annually.
Based on requests from the field Medic experts design and manufacture basic medical products especially for
use in rural areas, keeping in mind that power-failures occur, spare parts are often hard to get and service may
be a problem!
Johannes Bosboomstraat 29
7312 LM Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Our expenses are covered by requesting a relatively small donation from each applicant. In some specifically
selected cases, limited supplies may be donated free of charge.
By carefully controlling our income and expenses we managed to create a favourable balance of accounts over
the past years, thus enabling us to continue and improve our work.
Medical equipment and goods to hospitals and
clinics in Eastern Europe
Too many to mention but including:
Fitting up health centers and mission hospitals
in Africa, Asia and Middle America,
Medical equipment and expertise to revalidate
centers in Indonesia and Africa.
Material and financial support plus transfer of
expertise to prevention of blindness in Somalia.
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: +31 (0)55 355 8358
: +31 (0)55 355 8338