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Eye4Vision PVA products are high absorbing ophthalmic consumables used during cataract or
lasik surgical procedures, only the highest quality material is used for supply to our clients.

Opposed to similar products of other brands, no glue is used to join spears with sponge points.
PVA Eye Spears
Eye4Vision Int'l.

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High absorbing PVA Eye Spears with or without stick for ophthalmic procedures

High absorption for fluid control
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pva spears or sponge points
High Absorption
pva eye spears contain no glue
NO glue is used
to join handle and
eye sponge point
--------- PVA Spear Points
--------- Eye Spears
Spears & Points

Packed in sterile pouches

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Sterile Packing
► PVA Spears with handle :
-   5 pieces / pouch, 20 pouches / box
- 10 pieces / pouch, 20 pouches / box
PVA Spear Points ( without handle ) :
-   5 pieces / pouch, 20 pouches / box
- 10 pieces / pouch, 20 pouches / box
- 15 pieces / pouch, 20 pouches / box
► All products are manufactured under the strictest management systems.
► All items are supplied sterile. Sterilization by ETO.
► Manufactured of high quality, lint free material.
► High absorbing capacity.

► Fast wicking, micro point absorbent.
► Extremely strong, but soft material.
► Disposable.
► Spear point dimensions : 17*17*10mm


Price & Order

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All fluid control products are supplied at very sharp prices.
We offer excellent Private Label manufacturing agreements for interested companies.
For more information, please contact us.