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► Ophthalmic Devices - Surgical Equipment - Consumables / 174 Pages
Ophthalmic Devices & Equipment for Eye Care Professionals
Equipos Oftalmicos - Dispositivos I Opticos I Instrumentos
Eye4Vision ophthalmic devices for eye surgery
Supply of cost-effective ophthalmic equipment for Eye Care projects
STATIM 2000 and 5000 Cassette sterilizers are world's fastest autoclaves
Surgical instruments ophthalmology - Reusable and single-use
Ophthalmic sutures
Surgical drapes - Cover drape
Surgical Wear - Excellent gowns for medical surgery
Ophthalmic microscopes - Next Generation LED Light ophthalmic microscope Series
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Eye4Vision Ophthalmics Int'l. - About us
Surgical sutures - Made in Germany
Worldwide supply of cost-effective cataract surgery packs
Cataract kit is a cost-effective solution
VISION2020 Cataract, a cause of blindness
Eye Care - Donate Here Restore Sight
Projects Indonesia Support foundations by donation
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New Foldable lenses, Operation and surgeon's chair and SO-5800 XY Microscopes
Foldable lenses - Hydrophilic acrylic intraocular lens
SO-2200LED binocular indirect ophthalmoscope with LED lamp technology
PMMA intraocular lenses - Square Edge
Ophthalmic devices for modern cataract surgery
Cost-effective phacoemulsification system - Ophthalmology
Steam sterilizers for ophthalmic practice areas
Links to information about ophthalmic surgery and eye care
Cost-effective supply of ophthalmic devices for cataract surgery
Foldable lenses - Intraocular lenses cataract surgery
Intra corneal rings or stromal inlays for ophthalmic surgery
Ophthalmic expressions - Dictionary
Anatomy of the human eye
MEDIC Medical Equipment Distribution and Information Center
Foldable intraocular lenses, hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylic implants
Phacoemulsification system Index, phaco console, components and consumables
Ophthalmic instruments Index
Hydrophilic acrylic foldable intraocular lenses for cataract surgery
PLATE foldable intraocular lenses - SOFTVAULT
Foldable lenses FX8-HP70S series Sulcus / Sclera
The world's FIRST hydrophilic acrylic foldable intraocular lens for diabetes
Progressive Multi-focal foldable lenses, now available for micro-incision surgery
'State of the Art' Aspheric, Multi-Focal and Micro-incision foldable lenses
Aspheric intraocular lenses, foldable aberration controlled hydrophilic acrylic iols
Foldable lenses - High Definition yellow tinted iols
The new hydrophobic intraocular lens
Accommodating foldable lens - Triple Optic MC IOL System
Capsular Tension Rings manufactured from Blue or Clear PMMA
Ophthalmic viscoelastic devices Sodium Hyaluronate and HPMC
Ophthalmic sutures PGA
Non-absorbable sutures, suture for ophthalmic surgery
Sutures for ophthalmic surgery
Sutures, Ophthalmic Series I
Sutures Ophthalmic Series II
Ophthalmic sutures, needle type, curvature and needle code
Ophthalmic sutures, quality standards for micro-needles and threads
Suture Index
Lens Injector System for foldable acrylic iols
Advanced Folding System for foldable intraocular lenses - AFSx
Eye4Vision viscosurgical solutions - Sodium Hyaluronate and HPMC
Viscoelastic Sodium hyaluronate ophthalmic devices derived from rooster comb
Viscoelastic solutions - Sodium hyaluronate BF
HPMC ophthalmic viscoelastics
Anterior Segment instruments for precision ophthalmic surgical procedures - Anodized Titanium
Vitreoretinal instruments for precision ophthalmic surgical procedures
Single use ophthalmic cannula instruments
System with COLD PHACO Mode !!
Complete Microscope Coaxial Video System for SO Series
Binocular Assistant Microscope for SO-111 and SO-5000 Series - Specifications
Accessories - SO Microscope Series
Ophthalmic microscopes - Spare parts
Ophthalmic Microscopes - SO Series for all surgical procedures
SO-111 Series Portable Ophthalmic Microscopes with Led Light Illumination
Microscopes ophthalmology - SO-5000 LED Series
Ophthalmic microscopes - SO-5800 XY Microscope Series
SONY Medical Imaging Systems for SO-5800XY and SO-5900XY Led ophthalmic microscopes
Wetlab Microscope SO-1700LED light is mounted on sturdy base
Surgical Lights - SO-901 LED Light and SO-901 Halogen illumination
Dri-Tec drying technology for STATIM Cassette Autoclaves
SysTM instrument cassettes for STATIM sterilizers
STATIM Cassette Sterilizers - Specifications
Accessories for STATIM Cassette steam sterilizers
The STATIM900 Drawer sterilizer is compact, ultra-fast and fully automatic
STATIM S-Cycle cassette autoclaves, new technology in medical sterilization
The Aquastat water distiller provides 99 percent pure distilled water
STATIM7000 Cassette autoclave 'The Chamber Alternative'
Absorbable sutures PGA, PDO, Plain Gut and Chromic Gut
Non-absorbable sutures, suture materials and specification
Intra-stromal inlays or Intracorneal Rings - Introduction
Comparison surgical procedures for implantation of intra corneal rings
Eye drapes for ophthalmic surgery
Economically priced premium quality PMMA intraocular lenses
Economically priced foldable intraocular lenses
Eye shields for post operative protection
Eyedrops, patented Mini dose and Mono dose system
Eye4Vision products and services
SO-801 hand-held slit lamp
SO-850 portable slit lamp module - Compatibility and specifications
Operation Chair and table for ophthalmology - DOC
Surgeon's chair - Tripplemax chair for mobility and comfort
Apply for a distributorship of Eye4Vision ophthalmic devices
Sutures for Ophthalmology - The Ophthalmic Series
Nylon non-absorbable sutures, first choice for ophthalmic surgery
Black Braided Silk, non-absorbable ophthalmic sutures for eye surgery
Polypropylene non-absorbable sutures for ophthalmic surgery
Polyester, non-absorbable ophthalmic sutures for eye surgery
Site Map STATIM Sterilizers
Site Map Economically priced products
Ultrasonic handpiece integrates irrigation, aspiration and emulsification
Reusable Tubing Kit for phacoemulsification system
Plain Gut absorbable sutures
Polydioxanone Sutures PDO - Synthetic absorbable suture
Sutures for modern surgery
Square Edge Foldable intraocular lenses
Site Map Sutures
Contact us for economy supply to cataract projects, hospitals and clinics
Viscoelastic Solutions - SH-RC Sodium hyaluronate HA
SO-5800 XY Ophthalmic Microscopes - Specification
Phacoemulsification system with built-in cautery
Phacoemulsification system Standard console - Mode and Display
The I/A handpiece integrates irrigation and aspiration.
Peristaltic pump phacoemulsification system
Phacoemulsification system with built-in vitrectomy mode
Footpedal phacoemulsification system - light-weight and reliable
Phacoemulsification system, code parts and consumables
Purchase world's most cost-effective phacoemulsification system
Phacoemulsification System console with COLD PHACO Mode
Ophthalmic instruments - HUB colours Single-use cannula
Nylon Black sutures for microsurgery
Polypropylene sutures for heart and vascular surgery
Sutures for heart and valve surgical procedures - Polyester
Sutures, titanium and stainless steel non-absorbable suture material for sternotomy
Sutures and needles
Ophthalmic sutures nylon with spatula needle
Ophthalmic silk sutures with spatula / lancet tip and reverse cut needle
Ophthalmic PGA sutures with spatula - lancet tip and reverse cut needle point
Polypropylene and Polyester sutures with Spatula / Lancet tip and Reverse Cutting needle
Eye4Visc HPMC viscoelastic solutions ophthalmic surgery
Phaco system footpedal controls for Cold Phaco Mode
The Phacoemulsification procedure in modern cataract surgery
IOLON™ Pure Sodium Hyaluronate ophthalmic viscoelastic devices
Nylon sutures - Polyamide 6.6 non-absorbable suture"
Silk sutures, black Braided non-absorbable suture
PVDF sutures, polyvinylidene fluoride non-absorbable synthetic suture
PGA polyglycolic acid synthetic absorbable sutures
Phaco system components
Foldable lenses - HYDROPTICx™ MOD.'C' - HP55C and HP60C implants
Spheric and Aspheric MOD. 'Z' hydrophilic acrylic foldable intraocular lenses
Advanced Polymer, superior performance in ophthalmic surgery
Foldable lenses - HP57P PLATE intraocular lens
Plate Foldable lenses HP60P / HP60PA for cataract surgery
Surgical suture materials - Information
Chromic Gut sutures - Absorbable suture
Polypropylene sutures - Synthetic monofilament non-absorbable suture
Polyester sutures - Synthetic non-absorbable suture
Envision economically priced quality PMMA intraocular lenses
Eyecare PMMA intraocular lens, economically priced iols
Ophthalmic microscope SO-5000 Series - Specifications
Ophthalmic microscope SO-5800XY LED - Specifications
Ophthalmic microscope SO-111 Series - Specifications
Site Map Foldable lenses
Site Map Phacoemulsification systems
Site Map Ophthalmic instruments
Micro-incision aspheric foldable lens
PRESBIOPTICx™ progressive and refractive multifocal lenses with Rx² Optical System for 100% Emmetropia
Vejarano Delaminator System™ improves results and prevents corneal perforations
Upgrade Set Vejarano Delaminator System™ for KERATACx™ Intra corneal rings
Eye Care for The Moluccas in Indonesia
Donate here to purchase equipment for Ambon Eye Center Maluku Indonesia
PVA Spears and Spear Points for ophthalmic surgical procedures
Supply of quality ophthalmic equipment for Eye Care projects
Optical Lab and Workshop Equipment, Accessories and Consumables
► E-Brochures & Info / 13 files ( pdf )
Surgical drapes for ophthalmology
VISION2020 - Implementation by Region 2006
Vision AID GALLE Foundation - Free Cataract surgery project in Sri Lanka
Vejarano Delaminator System™ - Instructions for use
ASPHERICx™ aberration controlled foldable lenses
PRESBIOPTICx™ - Progressive Multi-Focal intraocular lens
DOC Dynamic Operating Chair / Table
Ophthalmic Sodium Hyaluronate HA and NaHA - Specifications
Single use instruments - Product Keys and Kit Packers
Vejarano Delaminator System™ for intra corneal rings improves results and prevent corneal perforations
KERATACx™ Series Intra corneal rings
DIFFRACx™ Series - Foldable Progressive & Diffractive Multi-focal lenses
PRESBIOPTICx™ Progressive & Refractive Multi-focal lenses with Rx2 Optical System™ for Emmetropia
► Ophthalmic Led microscopes / 13 files ( pdf )
SO-111T LED Microscope - Specifications
SO-111TZ and SO-111SZ LED Ophthalmic Microscopes - Specifications
SO-5000TF / TFZ / SFZ / SE LED Ophthalmic Microscopes - Specifications
SO-5800XY LED Microscopes - Specifications
SO-5900 / 5900A / 5900V / 5900AV XY LED Ophthalmic Microscopes - Specifications
SO-1450 Binocular Assistant Microscope - Specifications
SO-1350 Coaxial Video System for SO Series LED Ophthalmic Microscopes - Specifications
SO-1700 Led Light Wetlab Microscope - Specifications
SO-111 Series LED Ophthalmic Microscopes
SONY Medical Imaging Systems for SO-5800XY LED ophthalmic microscope
SO-5000 Series LED Ophthalmic Microscopes
Microscope Video System - Watec 202B Color CCD Video Camera -Specifications
Microscope Video System - Watec 221S Color CCD Video Camera -Specifications
► Ophthalmic sutures / 7 files ( pdf )
Nylon black, PGA and Braided Silk sutures
Nylon sutures for ophthalmology - Spatula / Lancet tip and Reverse Cutting needle
PGA / Vicryl sutures for ophthalmology - Spatula / Lancet tip and Reverse Cutting needle
Braided Silk sutures for ophthalmology - Spatula / Lancet tip and Reverse Cutting needle
Polypropylene sutures for ophthalmology - Spatula / Lancet tip and Reverse Cutting needle
Braided Polyester sutures for ophthalmology - Spatula / Lancet tip and Reverse Cutting needle
Ophthalmic Series Suture catalog
► Diagnostic Ophthalmic & Optometry Equipment /136 pages
Quality Ultrasound A/B Scan - Biometer - Pachymeter - Biometer/Pachymeter Combi
A-Scan and Pachymeter ophthalmic ultrasound devices
SW-2000 Ophthalmic Ultrasound A/B-scan with optional portable keratometer
SW-2100 Ophthalmic Ultrasound A/B Scan
Digital slit lamps - HD Video with Motorized Focusing - S390 Halogen / S390L Led Light
Slit Lamp microscopes S260 and S260S with Led light illumination
Slit Lamp microscopes S280 and S280S Classic Galilean type
S280C Slit Lamp 10X / 16X - Converging stereoscopic
Slit Lamps S350/S and S360/S - Classic Galilean Tower type microscope
S350C Slit Lamp - Converging Stereoscopic tower type microscope
Digital Photo Slit Lamps - S350DC with Canon EOS550 DSLR Camera
Digital HD Video slit lamps - Motorized Focusing -S390H/L
Accessories slit lamp bio-microscope series
Goldmann Applanation Tonometers with R/T/X-Type Adapters
Aspheric diagnostic lenses - Indirect Bio and Non-contact Slit lamp lens
Auto Lensmeters JS-700 / HLM-800
CCQ Series Manual Lensmeters - Internal or External Reading
Tonometry - SW-5000 NCT Auto Non-contact tonometer
Accurate Hand held Portable Rebound Tonometer - SW-500 specifications - Tonometry
Ophthalmic Equipment - Keratometers - YZ-38/BL-8001
New Auto Ref/Keratometers - Fast & Highly Accurate - More Features
Specifications Auto Ref-Keratometers ARK-700 I ARK-800 I ARK-9910
Specifications AutoRef/Keratometers ARK-7800, FA-6800 and KR-9200
Specifications Auto Ref / Keratometers ARK-810 I FA-6500 I KR-9000
SW-6000 Ocular Corneal Topography - Digital Imaging Anterior Segment
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes YZ25B I YZ25C I SO-2700 Wireless
Direct Ophthalmoscopes and Retinoscopes - Desktop, Wall or Portable
Optometry - Auto Refractometers - Refraction Series
Auto Refractometers AR-810A FA-6500 RM-9200 - Specifications
Optometry - Auto Refractometers AR-800/800A FA-6800 RM-9000
Portable Auto Refractometer HAR-880 Refractor
Manual Refractors or Phoropters - Ophthalmic Vision Testers
Digital Practice - Refractors AV-1/3 - CV-7200
Auto Chart Projector Series - Visual Acuity Chart Tests
NH-500 Auto Chart Projector Charts and Masks
ACP-68 Auto Chart Projector Charts and Masks
ACP-1500 and ACP-1800 Auto Chart Projectors - Charts A-B-C
Affordable LCD Vision Acuity Chart Systems
LCD Vision Charts C900/15" and C901/17" Led Screen
Trial Frame Set Universal / Fixed PD
UTF-B4A/B Oculus Type UB4 Universal Trial Frame
Trial Lens Sets incl. Meniscus and Perimeter Set
TAL-232W Reduced aperture trial lens set - Aluminium rim
TPL-232 BV Optometry trial set - Lenses 22mm - Plastic Rim 38mm
MT-68 Top Quality Perimeter Trial Lens Set Full Aperture - Metal Rim
Perimeter Trial Lens Set Full Aperture - Metal Rim
SL-232 Trial lens Set - Reduced Aperture 26mm - Plastic Rim Type C / D 38mm
HTS4020 Full Aperture trial lens set with shiny metal rims - 267 pieces
JS/C/G-104 Series Trial Sets I 104 Lenses Full Aperture I Metal Rim
MT-90/90A Full aperture trial lens set - Cylinders Concave or Convex
SL-158 & SL-104 Trial lens Set I Reduced Aperture 26mm I Plastic Rim 38mm
Trial lens Set SL-266 & SL-260 I Reduced Aperture I Plastic Rim
TPL-232 BI/BII Trial lens Set I Reduced Aperture I Plastic Rim
TPL-260 BI/BII Trial lens Set - Reduced Aperture 26mm - Plastic rim 38mm
JS/C/G-158 Series Trial lens Sets I Full Aperture I Metal Rim I 158 Pcs.
Corrected Curve / Meniscus Trial Lens Sets - MTS226
JS/C/G-232 Trial lens Sets I Full Aperture I Metal Rim I 232 Pcs.
JS/JSC/JSG-266 Trial lens Sets I Full Aperture I Metal Rim I 266 Pcs.
Top Quality MT260 Trial lens Sets I Full Aperture I Metal Rim
Top Quality MT-266 Trial lens Sets A1-A2-A4 - Full Aperture-Metal Rim
Digital PD Pupil Distance Meters / Pupilometers
Affordable LCD Vision Chart Systems M10-20"/M20-22"
LCD-190 Vision Chart systems - Visual Acuity Tests
LCD-236 Digital Chart System Visual Acuity Test - Full HD 23.6"
Refraction - LCD-2008 vision test system - Visual acuity charts - 19 inch wide screen
Computerized Ophthalmic Perimeters - IVS-201C / IVS-201B
KJ5S Series hand-held portable slit lamps - KJ5S1/KJ5S2
KJ5S3 Portable Digital Slit lamp with Nikon CoolPix S2600
LYL-S Diagnostic Portable Slit Lamp microscope
E4V Portable hand-held slit lamps and accessories
Hand Held Portable Keratometer SW-100 Keratometer
Ophthalmic instrument sterilization trays and caddies
Lasik and Cataract Kits - Post Operative protection
Portable Ophthalmic Microscopes SO-111 & SO-5000 Led Light Series
SO-2700 Led Indirect Ophthalmoscope - Rechargeable
Auto Lensmeters - Touch Screen LCD
D-903 Auto Lensmeter PD/UV/Printer 5.6" Touch Screen
Auto Lensmeters - JD-2600A 7inch TFT LCD
Auto Lensmeters JD-2000 & TL-6500
E4V Auto Lensmeters - Digital Series
OD1 Series Ultrasound A Scan - Pachymeter - Combi Unit
OD1 A-Scan ophthalmic ultrasound Biometer
OD1-P Pachymeter ophthalmic ultrasound scanner
A Scan / Pachymeter OD1-AP Ultrasound Combi Unit
Ultrasound Ophthalmic A/B Scan ODU5/ODU8 - Fully Digital Devices
Automatic Computerized Projection Perimeters - Static / Dynamic / Color Perimetry
Automated Refractor Wireless Bluetooth control with Samsung Tablet PC
Retinal Fundus camera - Nikon D5200 DSRL - APS-DER(A)
Retinal Camera + Fundus Fluorescein Angiography - Non-mydriatic
Ophthalmic Electric Lift Instrument Tables
Eye4Vision Refraction Units - Examination Chairs - Ophthalmic Stands - Table/Chair Combos
Refraction Chairs - Exam Chair - Electric Lift Table - Combo
CM Series LCD Vision Chart Systems CM-1900P CM-1900 CM-1800
Site Search Eye4Vision Ophthalmic and Optical Workshop Equipment
Visual Acuity Chart Optometry Software - Group Content Management
Dispensing Tool - Showcase Lens Designs, Variable Tint and Coatings
RG8 Binocular Vision Test - Simple, Accurate & Fast
Optometry Acuity Software - How to perform the Color Wheel Test
Hess EOM Test - Measure the Extra Ocular Muscle function
Hess EOM Test Herrings Law applied - Interpretation / Explanation
Digital Vision Acuity Chart Test Software - Tests at a Glance
Digital Visual Acuity Chart Software - Tests & Features
Most Complete and Digital Accurate Visual Acuity Chart Optometry Software
LCD Visual Acuity Chart Software system - Index
Display - Interface and Sample Sloan and BS4274 Letter Sets
How to Use - Manual Screening
Hidden Toolbars at Left & Right Side of the screen
Visual Acuity Chart Software - How to Preset Test Defaults
Pre-setting / Instellen van Default Testen en Sequences
How to Create and Edit Unlimited Preset Test Sequences
Ongelimiteerd instellen van Sequences - Page 2/2
System Requirements PC / Laptop / ALL IN ONE ( AIO )
Mouse Controls for the Visual Acuity Chart Software
Info Center HD & Additional Features accessories
Choose your Test
Digital Optometry Software User License - Purchase
Medical Stools - Doctor I Nurse I Exam Chairs
TD Ergonomic Medical Stools - Doctor I Nurse I Surgeon
TS Saddle Stools Surgeon & Doctor - Ergonomic
Medical Stools Doctor - Armrest Ratchet System
Doctor & Nurse Stools - Microfiber Leather Colors
Medical Stools Doctor & Nurse - PU Leather Colors
Color Options Medical Stools - PU/Micro Fiber Leather
TS Series Saddle Stools - Specifications I Functions
TD & TS Series Medical Chairs - Specifications I Features
TD & TD Series Medical Stools - Adjustment Features
SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer - Vision Screener
Digital Portable Handheld Fundus/Retinal Camera FC160 - HD Photo & Video
Pantoscopic CJX-800 Ophthalmoscope - Fundus & Optical Nerve Imaging
TEP03 Medical Procedure / Treatment Chair & Operation Table
Digital Handheld Slit Lamps - Ophthalmic Diagnostic instruments
Surgeon Microscope Chairs - Adjustable
► E-Brochures Diagnostic Equipment / 4 pages ( pdf )
M10/M20 LED LCD Visual Acuity Chart Systems
SO-850 Slit lamp module Welch Allyn and Heine TL handle
SO-801 Portable hand-held slit lamp
SO-850 Portable Slit Lamp Module - Instructions for use
► Titanium Anterior Segment instruments / 11 pages
Ophthalmic instruments Anterior segment - Specials
IOL insertion and Folding Forceps
Ophthalmic instruments - YAE Scissors 23G
Bimanual handles - Irrigating / Aspirating System
Micro Capsulorhexis Forceps and 23G Micro Scissors
Capsulorhexis forceps Utrata - Corydon - Inamura
Flat Bodied Forceps
Y Tip Nucleus dividers, IOL manipulators, Spatulas, hooks and phaco chopper instruments
Round Bodied Forceps
Ophthalmic instruments - Round Bodied Needleholders
Titanium Eye and Nasal speculums - Adjustable
► Titanium Vitreoretinal instruments / 13 pages
Micro Scissors
Micro Forceps
Subretinal and ILM instruments
Small incision instruments
Small incision Tapered instruments
23G instruments for use with Trocar System
25G Ophthalmic Instruments for Vitreoretinal surgery
Fibre Optic Illuminated ophthalmic instruments
Membrane instruments
Backflush Instruments
Instrument cleaning system - Flushing Tool VR-720SS
23G Transconjunctival Vitrectomy System for sutureless vitreous surgery
Light fibre probes and optical cables - Single use ophthalmic instruments
► Single-use instruments and cannula / 24 pages
Sub Tenon anesthesia cannula, Retrobulbar and Peribulbar needles
Rycroft Anterior Chamber cannula
Capsulotomy - Cystotomes
Hydrodissector and Hydrodelineation cannula
Viscoelastic cannula - Single-use ophthalmic instruments
Irrigating Vectis single use cannula for nucleus removal
Cortex Extractor for removal of cortical debris
Simcoe cannula Irrigation / Aspiration
Bimanual handles and I/A Systems
Irrigating and Phaco Choppers, single-use ophthalmic instruments
Capsule Polisher cannula, micro etched, silicone and olive tipped
Refractive - Irrigating Lasik Cannula, Endothelial spatula and Scleral Marker
Lachrymal Cannula single-use ophthalmic instruments
Single-use cannula for Vitreoretinal surgery
Backflush and Flute Handles - Vitreoretinal II
Drapes for ophthalmic surgery
Coaxial I/A Handpieces
Infusion cannula and Silicone Brush ophthalmic instruments
Ophthalmic instruments - Single-use cannula - Kit packers I
Single-use ophthalmic cannula - Kit Packers II
Single-use ophthalmic cannula - Kit Packers III
Single-use ophthalmic instruments - Kit Packers IV
Single-use ophthalmic instruments - Kit Packers V
Irrigation / Aspiration - Single-use I/A hand pieces with metal Tip for 2.2mm incision

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