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SONY Medical Imaging Systems for SO-5800XY / SO-5900XY Led Microscopes
SONY DVO-1000MD or HVO-1000MD Medical Imaging Systems are now optional available at SO-5000SE, SO-5800XY and SO-5900XY Led ophthalmic microscopes
SONY Medical Imaging System include :
● DXC-390P 1/3" 3CCD PAL HD Color Video Camera, with Exwave HAD™ technology
● DVO-1000MD or HVO-1000MD Medical DVD Recorder
● SONY LMD-2450 24" or optional LMD-3250 32" HD Medical LCD Monitor.
Video Camera
HVO-1000MD DVD Recorder
HD LCD Monitor
Foot switch       Barcode Reader
Blu-Ray / DVD   Ext. HDD      USB Flash Drive
UPDR80MD A4 Printer
PC / Laptop / Server
Streaming video
hospital network,
lecture hall or
over internet
SONY DXC-390P 1/3" CCD PAL HD Color Video Camera
hd video camera
The DXC-390P is a 1/3" type DSP 3-CCD PAL color video camera which incorporates
Exwave HAD™ technology, a new Sony technology that greatly improves
camera sensitivity ( F8 at 2000 lx ) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies.
Using a C-Mount lens and providing resolution of 800 TVL and a high S/N ratio of 61 dB,
the DXC-390P is ideal for medical microscopy.
SONY HVO-1000MD HD Medical DVD Recorder
medical imaging systems
HD LCD Monitor
LVO-1000MD DVD Recorder
HVO-1000MD Digital Recorder
DVD Recorders
SONY DVO-1000MD Medical Grade DVD Recorder
The DVO-1000MD is the only medical grade DVD recorder that features a built in hard drive.
This recorder has exclusive features, DVORECOVERY™ making this recorder one of
the most user friendly recorders Sony ever designed. DVORECOVERY enables the end user
to re-capture lost video due to an accidental power outage. The DVO-1000MD employs
industry standard MPEG 2 video compression to capture images with exceptional clarity.
The DVO-1000MD utilizes a 80 Gigabyte Hard Drive to store up to 30 hours of video.
Features :

Optional Accessories :

HD DVD Recorder
hd digital dvd recorder
SONY introduced the HVO-1000MD HD Digital Recorder with 320Gb internal Hard Disk, a versatile
new High Definition ( HD ) / Standard Definition ( SD ) video medical recording solution that combines
superior image quality with a range of innovative features for enhanced work flow and ease of use.
Simultaneous recording on a 320GB internal hard drive and various external media,
eliminating the need for time-consuming secondary image duplication.
The ability to support live image streaming over a hospital network or over streaming video
over the internet to conference rooms and lecture theaters.
The ability to accept multiple SD and HD inputs and multiple signal formats, including 1080/60p,
to support a full range of video environments.
The ability to record at 3 different bit rates and capture still images.
A multi-format optical disc drive accepts a wide variety of disc media.
A compact design for easier cart integration.
Built-in drivers for Sony printers and network data transmission through FTP or CIFS.
Accessories : FS-24 Foot Switch, HVO Audio Kit, Medical Grade Printer
Required : Desktop PC or Laptop for Video Editing, Mac OS 10, Windows XP, Vista, Win7 /8.1 / 10
System Configuration
SONY LMD-2450MD 24" / LMD-3250MD 32" HD Medical LCD Monitors
HD LCD Monitors
SONY HD Medical LCD Monitors :

Incorporating industry-leading Sony HD technology and design, the LMD-2450MD and
LMD-3250MD 32" HD LCD medical monitors are the perfect addition to today’s HD operating rooms,
enabling medical professionals to experience the full benefit of their HD surgical cameras.
Features :

LMD-1420MD 14"
LMD-1530MD 15"
LMD-1950MD 19"
LMD-2110MD 21"
LMD-2140MD 21"
LMD-2450MD 24"
LMD-3250MD 32"
larger LCD monitors available at request.
hd medical monitors

Ideal for displaying images from today's HD surgical cameras
HD resolution flat panel LCD medical monitors
Superb image quality with vivid and accurate color reproduction
Medical grade for OR
VESA mount on boom arms ( up to 24" ), surgical carts at a workstation
Versatile inputs for out-of-the-box connectivity in almost any environment.

DSRM-10 Remote Control Unit / SVRM-100A Remote Control Unit
DVO Audio Kit
FS-20 Foot Switch
VMC-IL4615B/IL4435B i.LINK cable ( 6-pin to 4-pin ) / VMC-IL6615B/IL6635B i.LINK cable ( 6-pin to 6-pin )
DVO Keyboard ( sealed / water-resistant ) Controls all functions DVO, Write patient data to CD/RW

Built-In 80Gb Hard Disk can hold up to 30 hours of video
No Finalization required, DVD’s can be removed in less than 2 minutes
Uses low cost DVD±RW Media that can be re-written over many times
NTSC & PAL video standard

High Definition Video Systems for ophthalmic microscopes
● Brochure
SO-5800 XY Led Microscope - HD Streaming Video
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