Titanium or Stainless
Vejarano Delaminator Systems are manufactured of the finest medical grade Titanium or Stainless Steel
and are built for years of trouble free service and should never need repair.
v-glide vacuum system
'V'- Glide System™
The 'Secret' is the Patent Pending 'V'-Glide Positioning System™, which maintains an even and continuous vacuum.
After the disposable tubing and attached Luer locks are assembled and connected to the Vacuum,
carefully place the “V” Glide instrument onto the surface of the Cornea aligned with the original markings.
Press the Low Vacuum ( 50mmHg ) switch or the High Vacuum ( 65mm Hg ) switch.
( Note: Amount of vacuum used is indicated by the surgeon’s preference.)
The 'V'-Glide™ gently fixates the alignment ring onto the cornea and  maintains the prescribed vacuum.
The digital readout indicates both the amount of vacuum and the time the patient is under vacuum in
order to provide safety for you and your patients.
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Intra corneal rings
made in usa
Presented in its own 'State of the Art' sterilization tray
for rapid patient turn-around, the Vejarano Delaminator System includes:
1 - Corneal Marker
1 - Visual Axis Marker
1 - Corneal Pre Delaminator
1 - 'Y' Spatula
2 - Delaminators ( Left & Right )
1 - 'V' Glide Automatic Vacuum System
2 - Inserters ( Left & Right )
2 - Extractors ( Left & Right )
1 - Forceps.   KERATACx™ Instruction Video and Product Information Leaflet included
the system
V E J A R A N O™
Invented by World Class Surgeon Manuel Vejarano M.D., designed to improve results and prevent corneal  perforations,
the system has been successfully used on over 2,000 patients with 100% success. Vejarano Delaminator System™,
for KERATACx Plus™, KERATACx™, KERATACx SP™ and KERATACx V™ intra corneal rings.
Easy To Use
Following the standard Pre-Op Topography and Pachymetry the surgeon can use either his
own surgical expertise and nomogram to plan the procedure, or for a small fee, submit the patient data to our team of
experts who will expertly suggest and advise on the size and radius of the segments to be used,as well as the location.
Designed to improve results and prevent corneal perforations.
The Procedure
The system comes complete with detailed instructions that closely follow the standard surgical techniques used for
Keratoconus or High Myopic Corneal surgery. Once the visual axis is located, the cornea is marked and the site for the
incision is formalized. Then, the incision is made to the prescribed depth, usually about 75% of the stromal depth which is
indicated in the pachymetry.
If the Vejarano Diamond Knife is used, the base of the tunnel will be easier to separate.
If not, use a standard RK knife and carefully make the incision to the prescribed depth.
Next, the tissue is gently separated with the pre-delaminator spatula and a small cavity is introduced in each direction in
preparation for the 'Y' Bladed Spatula. Once the small cavity is started, extract the separator spatula and introduce the
'Y' Blade Spatula in order to begin the delaminator tunnel in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction.
Once the tunnels are prepared the Patent Pending 'V'-Glide Automatic Vacuum System can be gently placed on the cornea.
Safely Create the Tunnel
The 'V' Glide positioning tube allows for the surgeon to rotate the delaminator smoothly and easily thereby reducing
the potential for a perforated cornea.
Once the ring is fixated on the cornea, the 'Y' Spatula is inserted in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction
and the appropriate delaminator blade tip is placed below the spatula in order to introduce the tip of the delaminator
into the opening of the tunnel. Gently remove the 'Y' Spatula leaving the delaminator blade in the entry to the tunnel.
Next carefully rotate the delaminator 180° creating a smooth and even tunnel.
Reverse the rotation and extract the delaminator from the 'V'-Glide positioning tube.
Follow the same procedure in the opposite direction and use the same technique.  
Extract the delaminator from the 'V'-Glide positioning tube and turn 'OFF' the vacuum.
This will allow for an easy removal of the 'V' Glide System from the cornea. Gently irrigate the eye if the protocol dictates
and you are ready to insert KERATACx™, the  World’s Finest, “Patent Pending” Intra corneal Segments.
No Glare, Halos, Sparkles or Star bursts
Surgeons around the world report that patients experience no glare, halos, sparkles or star bursts commonly associated
with intra corneal implants. They are designed to be gentle on the eye and the prompted one surgeon to state
“...for the first time, my patients have a night life without aberrations, glare or sparkles!”
The Vejarano Delaminating System™ is supplied in an auto-clave ready tray, with easy to follow USFDA, CE and ISO
approved cleaning instructions. Each system is guaranteed against all manufacture defects and workmanship.
If the Delaminator™ becomes bent or misaligned, repairs are free of charge for the first repair,
exclusive of all shipping and handling.
Y spatula
Delaminator System
Easy to Use
'V' Glide
Available Options :
● Vejarano Diamond Keratoconus Knife
● NEW !
Platinum Upgrade Set for KERATACx™ 'CR' Intra corneal rings
● Extra handpieces and delaminators for KERATACx™, KERATACx SP™ or KERATACx V™ intra corneal rings -
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● Standard VDS System
Standard System for KERATACx Plus™ Segments
PDF 1.36Mb
● Instructions for use
How it works to implant the rings in only 5 minutes.
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Intra corneal rings